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Ohh, since I am writing again, might as well point out to my writing journal =P
It's not active, true, but if I am able to rescue my HD afterall, I intend to post everything I ever wrote there. Incomplete, stupid, badly written things and all.

The writing journal is: a_alquimista

Ah, and I have been writing a story for FMA lately... Mainly Roy-centric, fusion with Harry Potter, in which Roy is from a traditional Slytherin family and his best friends in school are Riza and Maes, the second whose he eventually marries and have kids with. Which means, mpreg. =P It's based off a character I roleplay, and it's being posted on his journal... Now, I have to get to typing Everything I have already written on that. XD It's mostly drabbles that retell his life, nothing long enough to be a TBC fic...

His journal is: slytherinfuhrer
Ohh, I'm writing here again!

Well, I did know that even if I had opened a new journal I wasn't going to write on it. So... hum. >.>

Might as well write what happened to me lately? 8D

If I know me, this is going to be long...Collapse )

On another note, apparently I have a problem with bothering people. 8D
Seems she picked it up pretty quickly I don't like bothering others... And that it pretty much eats me alive. =x Erm, nothing that I didn't know before, but that may be why I have so much of a problem? Either way, I pretty much feel like going to sleep and never waking up again after today's consult. Oh, well. =\

Finally got around to writing on this

Oh, I have a livejournal. Once more.

Not sure why I have even gone through the trouble to make it look cute, but hey! If I have it and it's cute, I might as well write on it.

The purpose I made it for was so I could make a community on LJ and manage it, really. I was too lazy to clean up my old journals for that purpose, but now I kind of regret I didn't. The only option of account now is plus, and I hate ads. T_T Well, at least I have more icons than I used to? =\

Oh, how was my day~Collapse )

Well, time to leave. I just woke up, but I'm still tired like whoa, so I might as well go to sleep again. It's not even six in the morning yet, and it's saturday. >.<

Kisses to all of my fans that missed me! =D *giggles* that's probably one, if she even did, but shhh, c-chan, don't tell!

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